5 things to know about the 2024 Mustang

When it comes to automotive icons, the Ford Mustang stands out. For more than six decades, it has drawn enthusiasts with its unique look, outstanding performance and spectacular sound. The 2024 edition of the Mustang, presented at the Detroit International Auto Show, is no exception.

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But in addition to displaying a familiar silhouette, the new car has several new features that will make it even more desirable than ever. So here are five things you need to know about the new Ford Mustang before it arrives in our showroom.

Two engines

Next year's Ford Mustang will be offered with two engines: the 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder and the 5.0-litre Coyote V-8. But Ford kept a little surprise. The 5.0-liter Coyote was used to create a high-performance version that will be found under the hood of the new Dark Horse. We know that it will have more than 500 horsepower, but we don't know more than that!

A "drift" handbrake

Mustang enthusiasts love to drive sporty, and many don't mind taking their cars to the track to do some drifting. The next generation will make it even easier with the first electronically controlled handbrake for drifting. It's a hand lever located between the driver and passenger seats, just below the gearshift, that can be used to activate the rear-wheel drive clutches.

Manual yes, but V8 only

Do you like driving with a manual transmission? Your next Mustang will have to rely on the power of the V8 to keep you happy because only cars with this big engine will have this transmission. The 10-speed automatic was the preferred choice of Mustang buyers when it was paired with the turbocharged four-cylinder. So we decided to continue with that.

A new dashboard

Forget the traditional gauges. The Mustang's new dashboard is fully digital and inspired by fighter jet cockpits, no less. The digital instrument panel sits next to the large 13.2-inch center infotainment screen. The whole package can be customized for each driver, including the colour and information displayed on the screens.

Always safe

The 2024 Ford Mustang may be sporty, but it's also safe. The Ford Co-Pilot 360 system includes speed sign recognition, intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, evasive maneuver assist and reverse brake assist. One of the latest additions to the Ford Co-Pilot 360 system is active pothole mitigation, which adjusts the suspension accordingly to prevent damage or alignment issues.

Bonus: a smart key fob

We couldn't end it like this. The new Mustang adds a little something to please the real tough guys. Because as everyone knows, the lure of the engine's sound when it revs up is an integral part of owning a sports car. You don't even have to sit in your car to enjoy it. A new key fob with a control button can be pressed to rev the engine without having to make any movements with your foot. We love it.

So, are you as excited as we are to see it?

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