Ford Bronco Sport, the dog's companion

You love your four-legged friend, and whenever possible, you take him along on your excursions. But not all vehicles allow you to do so without worry. You're not alone, as a recent survey found that more than 85% of dog owners think about car travel with their dog when buying a car. Even better, two-thirds of dog owners take their dogs on car trips at least once a week.

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That's why and its specialists have chosen the best vehicles on the market to accommodate your pets. Of these, our Ford Bronco Sport is among the top.

Of course, as you know, the Bronco Sport is a compact utility vehicle with exceptional capacities. Depending on the version you choose, it can take you anywhere, even off the beaten path, thanks to its G.O.A.T system that lets you select the surface.

It will also allow you to accommodate your dog, if you wish, in a safe and comfortable environment for him. In fact, the criteria used to evaluate the best pet vehicles takes into account both the vehicle's configuration, interior capabilities and available accessories.

A Friendly Bronco Sport

When it comes to the Bronco Sport, ease of entry is an important factor in its evaluation. While it's true that the vehicle's ground clearance is higher, the use of protective rubber mats, available as an accessory, allows the dog to enjoy a comfortable space that's easy to clean and gives him enough grip to keep his balance.

Rear seat blankets can also be used to keep your dog safe while protecting the seat covers. Make sure you have a harness that can connect to the rear seat belts.

Finally, true enthusiasts who want to please their companion will opt for the fabric cage offered among the Ford accessories. Designed to fit in the trunk of the Bronco Sport, this crate allows you to keep your dog safely in a space reserved for him, without the danger of injury on materials that are too rigid.

So take your Ford Bronco Sport, equip it and go on an adventure with man's best friend. You'll see that you'll have a happy dog, and an equally happy owner!

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