Why the F-150 Lightning is so much more than a truck

As we all know, the F-150 Lightning and its electric drivetrain have set a new trend. But the first mass-market pickup to offer these capabilities is more than just a truck: it's a true example and a step forward for the entire industry. Basically, and we want to be modest, it's probably the most influential electric car ever made.

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Because the Lightning is no ordinary truck. Yes, of course, it can tow 10,000 pounds and carry up to 2,235 pounds. It offers a spacious cabin and a similar silhouette to other pickup trucks.

However, being electric, we also had to offer a little more than just a truck. On the pickup side, Ford already knows its stuff, offering the best-selling truck in the country for decades. Now we had to prove that we know even more, and that's what the Lightning offers with its unique features. And that's why the Ford F-150 Lightning is packed with intelligent features that wouldn't be possible in a more traditional vehicle.


The best example of this is the "frunk," the famous storage box that sits under the front hood. Because the electric motor has far fewer components, it leaves room for storage. So, Ford decided to create a 400-litre trunk that can safely hold whatever you want because it's lockable and waterproof.

This trunk has a flat load floor and includes multiple 120-volt residential outlets and multiple USB ports to charge all your gear. There is an additional storage compartment at the bottom of the trunk with a drain plug. So, you can fill it up with ice and have everything you need to cool off at your next outdoor party!


Are you worried about running out of power? The Lightning can also come to your aid with its Pro Power Onboard. Basically, it's a form of generator that can offer 9.6 kilowatts of electricity through the outlets in the box. That's more than 10 hours at full power, which is a mind-blowing amount of energy.

Of course, we could tell you about the vehicle's exceptional power, quick performance, or unimpeachable handling. But you already know the F-150. Imagine all that but in an upgraded electric version. You'll get an idea of what the Ford F-150 Lightning can do.

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